• Positive Futures

  • We all want our children to grow up happy, confident, secure
    and able to cope with life’s challenges.
    Some children manage this better than others. 

  • Ever wondered why this is? 

    There is the opportunity to find out more through a course which aims to give parents and carers the chance to explore emotional well-being and best to promote it in ourselves and our children. 

    Drawing on the latest findings and research it helps to explain why what you do makes a difference.

    Over 800 parents and carers have already attended the course and 98% found it a valuable and enjoyable experience. The course draws on the latest findings and research in the field and helps explain why what you do makes such a difference!

    This term there will be 3 courses running, covering the following topics: 

    • What is emotional health & wellbeing?           (Introductory session)
    • And Why Do Kids Do That?                             (Looking inside children’s brains)
    • What’s Love Got To Do With It?                      (How relationships shape child development)
    • Cotton Wool Kids?                                             (Helping children cope with the ups and downs of life)
    • Staying Connected?                                           (Listening differently to understand better)
    • What Makes Us, Us?                                         (How thoughts and feelings influence behaviour)
    • 21st Century Childhood?                                  (How to fit it all in, in the 21st century)
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      Satisfied Parents
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  • Our Classes

    Our preschool program has four dedicated classes
  • We provide four classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve months to five years of age.

    • Little Lambs
      Class name
      • 12-24
        Month olds
      • 9
        Class size
    • Bouncy Bears
      Class name
      • 2-3
        Year olds
      • 12
        Class size
    • Tenderhearts
      Class name
      • 3-4
        Year olds
      • 15
        Class size
    • Shining Stars
      Class name
      • 4-5
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
  • Our staff consists of three teachers and one assistant with experience in early childhood care.

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