Self Funded Childcare

  • Midlothian Sure Start has a variety of free services available to the community, however parents have fed back over the years that they would like the opportunity to ‘top up’ their hours by paying a fee.  Additionally, some children may not be entitled to a free service as they do not meet the criteria of our funding.  As such, parents can purchase childcare from the Organisation.  This is a low profit service and any profit will be reinvested in the Organisation and its services, particularly in the area of Family Support Work.

    When enquiring about this service, you will be provided with this information as well as a Registration form.  You will be informed within 5 business days whether there are currently spaces within the setting, and if not you will be added to a waiting list.  The waiting list will be kept, and spaces (for paid childcare) will be offered on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

    Please read through this information.  All of the Organisations policies are available for parents to read upon request.

    If you have any queries please contact either the Centre you are interested in attending, or our Head Office.

    Please click here to get in touch about self-funded childcare.

  • Childcare Bookings:

    All sessions must be booked four weeks in advance. Four weeks notice must be given for cancellations so that you are not charged.

    In the event of sickness you will still be charged for the session. 

    The Centre Manager will negotiate available sessions with you. We are unable to guarantee availability of sessions across the week but will do our best to accommodate your request.

    One months notice is required for children leaving the setting permanently.

  • Settling In:

    We require parents to stay with their child for a minimum of five sessions (of shorter duration) as part of our Settling-in Procedure (included in this pack). You will not be charged for these sessions.

    In addition, part of your settling-in may include a Home Visit.

    You will not be charged for this visit.

  • Fee Structure

    Age of ChildPer HourHalf Day
    ( up to 4½ hours )
    Full Day
    ( up to 8 hours )
    Per Week
    ( 5 x 8 hours )
    Per Week
    ( 5 x 4½ hours )
    Up to 2 years£6.50£20.00£50.00£238.00£95.00
    2 - 3 years£5.00£20.00£35.00£166.00£95.00
    3 - 5 years£5.00£10.00£20.00£95.00£38.00

    Please click here to get in touch about self funded childcare.

  • Payment of Fees

    Invoices for childcare will be generated on the 1st working day of the month and sent to your via your preferred contact method.  Payment is required within 14 days of the issue of the invoice.  Should payment not be received within 30 days of the invoice being issued, the placement may be suspended.

    Should you at any time anticipate having difficulty paying your invoice you should contact the Centre Manager immediately.

    Payment of Fees can be made via the following methods:

    • Cheques made out to Midlothian Sure Start
    • BACS
    • Cash
  • Extreme Weather

    In the case of extreme weather, or emergency closure of the centre, we will endeavour to provide an alternate service on the same day.

    If this is unsuitable, or not available, you will have the option of having your account credited for the cancelled session, or taking the session up within another period.

  • Outings & Trips

    The Centre runs, from time to time, trips for children and their families.  You will be consulted on any trips that are undertaken.

    If you wish for your child to participate, you will be invoiced for the cost of the trip. 

    If the trip is at a time you do not attend the centre, you will still have the opportunity to attend.  You can attend with your child, in which case you will not be charged the childcare rate.  You could also ask the Centre Manager if you child can attend without you, in which case you will be charged for this session.

    In both instances you will be invoiced for the cost of the trip.

  • Snacks & Meals

    Half day sessions will include a minimum of one meal and snack.

    Full day sessions will include two meals and two snacks.

    All of our centres have food and water available for children throughout the day. 

  • Nappies & Other Products

    Nappies, wipes and creams are included in the cost unless your child has special products in which case we ask that you supply them.

    We have spare clothes in a range of sizes in each centre, however we ask that you bring with you to each session a change of clothes as we have water, sand, paint and other ‘messy’ resources out at all times.

    Whilst we endeavour to keep children clean, inevitably this doesn’t always happen!

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