We Love Our Volunteers
  • Change someone’s life – your own

    Whatever their reason for joining us, our volunteers feel they get a lot back. From the satisfaction of helping someone through a tough time, to learning new skills or meeting like-minded colleagues, find out what being a volunteer with us could mean for you.


    The opportunities on offer

    We have a wide range of roles, all of them vital to keeping our service running. Find out whether you’d like to help people directly in our playrooms, or use your skills in an area such as fundraising or admin.

  • I’d like to, but…

    There are all kinds of reasons to stop yourself from finding out more about becoming a volunteer with us – from feeling that you wouldn’t be good enough, to a concern over how much time it will take. Our team are happy to help answer all these questions.

  • We’re looking for:

    • Playroom Volunteers.
    • Office Volunteers for our 6 centres
  • We offer you:

    • Training
    • Support
    • Travel Expenses
    • Development of new skills
    • References (after 6 month commitment)
    • Help with your CV
  • You will:

    • Make new friends
    • Increase your chance of finding paid work
    • Prepare the way for your future into college, training, or chosen path
    • Increased your confidence
    • Feel good about Yourself
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